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Why strawboard? 

Strawboard has emerged over the past few years as a great alternative to wood materials. It is made of pressure and heat compressed wheat or rice straw that contains a natural resin, which helps to bind the fibers together to form a superior internal bond.  

Due to the density and strength of this material,strawboard door displays refined  profile edges and clean-edged slotting. It stands up admirably to affixing of hinges and hardware, making it an ideally sturdy and water resistant product.

Strawboard is a great alternative for the eco-minded customer! In fact, anyone considering door replacement should know about Strawboard’s great features:

Great strength: screws won’t split strawboard, and it holds crisp dove tails and other joints well

Extremely moisture resistant: just what’s needed for a continuously damp environment such as a   bath or a wet bar

Very stable: won’t warp or crack

Dense for clean, crisp definition of forms and edges

Safe: no formaldehyde emissions

Mold and termite resistance: Straw board is simply too dense to allow most spores to invade   its surface

Developed from quickly renewed sources: Strawboard is made using left over straw from wheat,   barley and rice which means less waste. In fact, Strawboard actually has a NEGATIVE carbon    footprint, since it’s not burned for disposal, as other straw is!

Questions and Answers

Q: What is Strawboard?

A: A strong and durable alternative to particleboard, Strawboard is a product increasingly being used in the building and furniture industry.

What makes Strawboard "eco-friendly"?

A: Instead of using traditional wood products to make board, an actual by-product of the grain industry, straw, is the basis for Strawboard.

Q: What are some other advantages of Strawboard?

A: It’s highly resistant to fungal decay, and it’s made with no extraneous or toxic chemicals, which means that your bath will remain more sporefree and clean.

Q: Are there any other environmental benefits besides the renewable product story?

A: Strawboard is edged with paper liners and bound with non-toxic glue. It also has been tested to have reduced dust and less tooling wear. In short, it’s a far healthier product to work with.

Why strawboard?