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Fire Rated Door Warranty

Subject to terms and conditions set forth herein, doors manufactured by Syro Industry Co., Ltd (the “company” thereafter) are guaranteed for five (5) years from the date of delivery by the company to be of good material and workmanship, free from defects which render them unserviceable or unfit for normal use or as specified by purchaser.

All doors must be inspected by purchaser within 7 days of delivery, should the purchaser not be satisfied with the quality of the doors, the company will need to be informed in writing as to the concern prior to the doors being hung and/or having any finish applied to them. If doors are to be replaced, the company will refabricate the doors within 48 hours subject to availability of veneers and quantities, no installation or finishing costs will be borne by the company under any circumstances. The company is not liable hereunder to reimburse the purchaser of doors repaired or replaced without the written consent of the manufacturer to such repairs or replacement.

The warranty is subject to the following matters being excluded as defects:

a.Variation in geometry of doors, unless not in accordance with BS4787-1 for squareness and flatness.

b.Natural variation in colour and texture of timber.

c.Variation in plywood veneers, unless in accordance with BS EN 314-1 or BS EN314-2. The company has chosen to use duracote (preprimed tempered hardboard) skins for doors in internal/external use for ratings of up to and including 2 hr fire rated doors.

d.Normal show through, it is not recommended to use high gloss finish where reflected lighting may exaggerate show through.

e.Doors not accorded reasonable treatment by the purchaser and should be stored flat or hung in dry buildings.

Experience has demonstrated that when warp, delaminating and/or defects occurs after delivery, it is usually due to improper storage or adverse moisture conditions before and after hanging, not to faulty manufacture. The company will accept no responsibility for the development of warp or defects when the moisture content anywhere within any component falls below 10% or exceeds 15%. Doors being choked open with blocks or wedges after they have been hung which will induce stress on the hinges or worse pull the hinges off will immediately void this warranty. The company does not accept and/or assume responsibility for conditions wholly beyond its control.

The company reserves the right to change specifications and price without prior notification.