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Technical Support

Syro Industry offers an array of technical supports aimed at supporting your unique business needs. Utilizing our talented team we can provide assistance in product research and testing, certification assistance, custom door designing, and other assistance you may need in reaching your product or project goals.

Syro offers research and testing opportunities at our technical centre for customers in fire safety concerns.

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Fire Testing Lab

When facing a large project with hard deadlines and limited budget, you may always want to know if you can finish the job on time and how to cut the cost. Instead of yielding to the shortened production time and the unqualified products, SYRO can now offer a truly Solution.

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Fire Core Supply & Certification Assistance

It is our goal to create the door that will best meet the desire of each customer.  By using quality minded craftsmen and detail oriented designers we are able to join together the style of your choice with the material that will be best suited for your specific product. 

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Custom Design

SYRO products have been manufactured under the highest standards of quality and workmanship. Select a category to view available SYRO warranty options

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