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Fire Glazing

Architects and designers are increasingly looking for larger glazed screens and doors to provide buildings with new aesthetic designs and more comfort and safety for the people who use them. But in many cases, these glazings must be fire resistant to comply with the building regulations which aim to stop the spread of fire and to enable a safe evacuation of the building.

To fulfil these requirements, SYRO can provide the range of fire resistant glasses, tested and approved according to BS 476 and EN1634, on both integrity and insulation criteria.

Pyroshield  6~7mm thickness wired glass upto 60mins(view technical data)

Firelite  6mm thickness upto 3hrs(view technical data)

Pran-S  6~12mm thickness upto 1hr(view technical data)

Pyrawhite  6mm thickness upto 2hrs(view technical data)

HBE90  20~42mm thickness multi-laminated glass upto 2hrs(view technical data)

When forming a glazed aperture in a fire resistant door or wall it's essential that fire resistant glass is used. Our glazing systems are designed to prevent or delay possible modes of failure in either the glass or its surroundings.

What are my primary options in fire-rated glass?