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Fire cores

Besides the fire rated doors, Syro Industry also supply fire cores, and has been serving the architectural wood door industry and providing a comprehensive set of design options to help fire-rated door manufacturers meet the demand for fire safety requirements. With supply chain excellence, Syro Industry adds value with short lead times and best-in-class customer service.

Our door cores are effective fire barriers that are designed and successfully tested to reduce the spread of fire and excessive quantities of smoke from one area to another. The cores are developed and refined regularly to meet the public safety requirements as well as fabricators' expectations. The necessary hardware and intumescent seal that are used with the cores to manufacture timber doors, are selected carefully to offer an uncompromising quality at an affordable price and to avoid the technical problems that fabricators face with other brands. It is manufactured by sustainable raw materials thus making our product environment friendly.

Our Fire rated cores have been tested under different standards. By utilizing our door cores, you can carry the same certifications as we do. Read more in this link: Technical Support - Fire Core Supply & Certification Assistance

SR Core Physical Properties
Color Light-yellow
Thickness 44-64 mm
Fire Rating 30min, 60min, 90min, 120min
Density 28-61 kg/m2
Flexural Strength 19.3-20.5MPa
Moisture 5%-8%
Nail-Holding Strength 720-1100 N
Formaldehyde Emission 8mg/100g
Test Standard BS476, EN1634
TL Core Physical Properties
Color Wood-Mineral Mix
Thickness 39-59 mm
Fire Rating 30min, 60min, 90min, 120min
Density 24-42 kg/m2
Flexural Strength 60-110MPa
Moisture 9%-15%
Nail-Holding Strength 1460-2130 N
Formaldehyde Emission 9mg/100g
Test Standard BS476, EN1634, SS332, AS1530
FRX Core Physical Properties
Color Light-grey
Thickness 38-43 mm
Fire Rating 20min, 45min, 60min, 90min
Density 17-22kg/m2
Flexural Strength 4-6MPa
Moisture 5%-6%
Nail-Holding Strength NA
Formaldehyde Emission 3mg/100g
Test Standard UL10C, NFPA80
E0 Core Physical Properties
Color Straw-yellow
Thickness 44-54 mm
Fire Rating 30min, 60min
Density 20-24 kg/m2
Flexural Strength 12.3-17.5MPa
Moisture 8%-12%
Nail-Holding Strength 720-920 N
Formaldehyde Emission 0mg/100g
Test Standard BS476, EN1634
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