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Fire Core Supply & Certification Assistance
Fire Core Supply & Certification Assistance

When facing a large project with hard deadlines and limited budget, you may always want to know if you can finish the job on time and how to cut the cost. Instead of yielding to the shortened production time and the unqualified products, SYRO can now offer a truly Solution.

Syro Industry helps you manufacture the fire doors locally and get them certified. We provide the fire door cores and components. You just follow SYRO’s way of fabrication either in your own facilities or in the recommended nearby fabricators using SYRO cores.

Doors built with SYRO Cores using our specifications can carry the Warnock Hersey label and BM TRADA label, with your name on it! Don’t be worried about the complex process, you are just a few steps away from it. Backed by our experienced technical support team, SYRO can assist you throughout the certification procedures and final inspections to ensure that your doors comply with the consultants’ requirements and approved by civil defense authorities.

SYRO door components are tested together and are fully certified. This ensures that you know for a fact that the entire doorset will meet the required performance standards and not just part of it. You can even order the prefinished door blanks from us while installing your frames at site. You can also take advantage of the abundant variety of beautiful wood veneers with confidence, knowing that doors manufactured as tested with SYRO cores meet standards for fire ratings, smoke protection - and sound isolation.

Instead of waiting the shipment on the edge of deadlines, now you can work out your own doors on your schedule. It gives you more flexibility to handle, to negotiate and to modify from project bidding to construction.

Professionalism and attention to detail, right from planning to implementation is an in-built quality of the entire team of qualified professionals that make up the most valuable resource of SYRO. Our business philosophy is to give ultimate project solutions in all our endeavors. Our success is demonstrated by the fact that time bound delivery of the material and top-notch quality of fire rated cores.

Want to know how to fabricate your own doors? Please contact us for SYRO Core Technical Manuals at full fire rating ranges.Contact us