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Environmental Responsibility

At Syro Industry, we are committed to trying to leave the planet much as we found it. We are committed to minimizing any potentially adverse impacts of our operations on our employees, the general public and the natural environment in the global and local communities of which we are part. 

For example, our Eco-Friendly Doors are constructed using a straw board core. This core contains zero formaldehyde. It is made from wheat straw which is a renewable waste product produced by farmers in the prairie states. By-product wood chips are a vital ingredient in many of SYRO’s doors and timber that is used comes from sustainable, managed forests. In addition, our doors are made in manufacturing facilities designed to be easy on the environment.

SYRO strives to purchase wood products that are identified for sustainable forest management or controlled wood process. Many of our doors are FSC certified. Flush hardwood and hardboard doors are also available with FSC certification. SYRO Industry Co., Ltd. is committed to implementing the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) Standards addressing chain of custody, and on-product labeling for its wood and fiber procurement and door manufacturing operations.

To help implement and achieve the above Sustainable Forestry Standards, SYRO has developed and adopted appropriate documents, manuals and procedures to guide its wood and fiber procurement, tracking of the chain of custody of wood and fiber, and making off-product claims and using FSC on-product labels.

The company is committed to annually monitor and review the effectiveness of its Sustainable Forestry Policy and associated programs to continually improve conformance.

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Environmental Responsibility