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Acoustic Solutions

Noise containment is not just about keeping out loud noises. Preservation of privacy is just as important – for example, in "dwelling-houses, flats and rooms for residential purposes, a minimum acoustic performance of 29dB Rw is required." (Requirement E1)

A door assembly needs to be separately designed and evaluated for its acoustic performance. To reduce the amount of sound which passes from one side of the door to the other, we need to consider two things and both of these have an effect on performance:

Comprehensive tests to BS EN ISO 10140-2: 2010 have been carried out to establish airborne sound insulation performance of our SYRO doors upto 45dB Rw.

Further information can be found in our SYRO Acoustic Systems brochure.

Acoustic SolutionsAcoustic Solutions
Syro Acoustic System Specification